Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 1, January 2021, Pages 1-122 


Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences in times of the COVID-19 pandemic

Pages 1-2

Leila Arabi; Bizhan Malaekeh-Nikouei; Ali Roohbakhsh; BiBi Sedigheh Fazly Bazzaz

Review Article

The effects of Allium cepa L. (onion) and its active constituents on metabolic syndrome: A review

Pages 3-16

Amin Galavi; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Bibi Marjan Razavi

Original Article

Novel single-chain antibodies against highly conserved epitopes in the hemagglutinin of influenza A viruses: Promising agents for universal therapies

Pages 17-23

Samaneh Alizadeh; Setareh Moazen; Seyed Nooreddin Faraji; Afagh Moattari; Foroogh Nejatollahi

Comparison of TGF-β3 and avocado/soybean unsaponifiable on chondrogenesis of human adipose-derived stem cells on poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid/ hyaluronic acid hybrid scaffold

Pages 24-29

Majid Pourentezari; Zynolabedin Sharifian; Mohammad Mardani; Ali Valiani; Mohammad Zamani Rarani; Mohsen Setayesh Mehr; Fatemeh Eini; Batul Hashemibeni

Effect of orally-administrated thymoquinone during pregnancy on litter size, pentylenetetrazol-induced seizure, and body weight in rat offspring

Pages 30-37

Amin Abdollahzade Fard; Ehsan Saboory; Yaghob tahmazi; Yousef Rasmi; Sina Dindarian; Negin Parsamanesh

Resveratrol inhibits LPS-induced apoptosis in VSC4.1 motoneurons through enhancing SIRT1-mediated autophagy

Pages 38-43

He Tian; Haosen Zhao; XIfan Mei; Daoyong Li; Jiaquan Lin; Sen Lin; Changwei Song

Genetic modification of cystic fibrosis with ΔF508 mutation of CFTR gene using the CRISPR system in peripheral blood mononuclear cells

Pages 73-78

Sepideh Khatibi; Mohammad Reza Modaresi; Reza Kazemi Oskuee; Mohammad Salehi; Hamid Aghaei

Prophylactic effect of intranasal oxytocin on brain damage and neurological disorders in global cerebral ischemia in mice

Pages 79-84

Marzieh Saffari; Shahein Momenabadi; Abbas Ali Vafaei; Abedin Vakili; Mahdi Zahedi Khorasani

Neurochemical effects of sleep deprivation in the hippocampus of the pilocarpine-induced rat model of epilepsy

Pages 85-91

Heba S. Aboul Ezz; Neveen A. Noor; Iman M. Mourad; Heba Fahmy; Yasser Ashry Khadrawy

Brucella abortus RB51 lipopolysaccharide influence as an adjuvant on the therapeutic efficacy of HPV16 L1 and HPV16 E7 DNA vaccines

Pages 92-97

Masoumeh Shirmohammadi; Hoorieh Soleimanjahi; Zahra Kianmehr; Hesam Karimi; Sussan Kabudanian Ardestani

Role of the mesenchymal stem cells derived from adipose tissue in changing the rate of breast cancer cell proliferation and autophagy, in vitro and in vivo

Pages 98-107

Maryam Adelipour; Abdolamir Allameh; Abdolkarim Sheikhi; Mina Ranjbaran; Mahshid Naghashpour; Zahra Nazeri; Hoda Mojiri-Foroshani; Sahar Golabi