Volume & Issue: Volume 24, Issue 6, June 2021, Pages 699-855 
Rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis in Iran: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Pages 720-725

Farhad Bahraminia; Taher Azimi; Moein Zangiabadian; Mohammad Javad Nasiri; Mehdi Goudarzi; Masoud Dadashi; Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi

Original Article

The bidirectional effect of prelimbic 5-hydroxytryptamine type-4 (5-HT4) receptors on ACPA-mediated aversive memory impairment in adult male Sprague-Dawley rats

Pages 726-733

Nargol Ahmadi-Mahmoodabadi; Masoumeh Emamghoreishi; Mohammad Nasehi; Mohammad-Reza Zarrindast

Evaluation of the protective effect curcumin on encephalopathy caused by intrahepatic and extrahepatic damage in male rats

Pages 760-766

Forouzan Frozandeh; Nader Shahrokhi; Mohammad Khaksari; Sedigheh Amiresmaili; Gholamreza AsadiKaram; Nava Shahrokhi; Maryam Iranpour

NgR1 pathway expression in cerebral ischemic Sprague-Dawley rats with cognitive impairment

Pages 767-775

Ju Sun; Ruifang Sun; Chao Li; Xun Luo; Jiemei Chen; Jiena Hong; Yan Zeng; Qingmei Wang; Hongmei Wen

Efficacy of true cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) leaf essential oil as a therapeutic alternative for Candida biofilm infections

Pages 787-795

Gayan Kanchana Wijesinghe; Thaís Rossini de Oliveira; Flavia Camila Maia; Simone Busato de Feiria; Felipe Joia; Janaina Priscila Barbosa; Giovana Cláudia Boni; José Francisco Höfling

Therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells for peripheral artery disease in a rat model of hindlimb ischemia

Pages 805-814

Amani M. El Amin Ali; Amira S. Ahmed; Dina F. El-Yasergy; Moustafa A. Abousarie; Ramadan M. Elsayed; Yasmin E. Mohammed; Rahab A. Mohammed

Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel quinoline analogs of ketoprofen as multidrug resistance protein 2 (MRP2) inhibitors

Pages 815-824

Fatemeh Mosafa; Farzin Hadizadeh; Faezeh Fathi; Zahra Eslami Nasab; Tahereh Pourzahed; Sayyed Mohammad Aboutorabzade; Razieh Ghodsi

Ameliorative effects of crocin on the inflammation and oxidative stress-induced kidney damages by experimental periodontitis in rat

Pages 825-832

Mehmet Erman Erdemli; Zeynep Erdemli; Mehmet Gul; Eyup Altinoz; Semir Gul; Gulhan Kocaman; Elif Kustepe; Harika Gozde Gozukara Bag

Evaluation of the designed multi-epitope protein of Brucella melitensis in guinea pigs

Pages 833-841

Mina Saadat; Masoud Gandomkar; Akram Bahrenipour; Mojgan Bandehpour; Bahram Kazemi; Nariman Mosaffa

Telomerase activator-65 and pomegranate peel improved the health status of the liver in aged rats; multi-targets involved

Pages 842-850

Ameera Saeed Alshinnawy; Wael Mohamed El-Sayed; Ahmed AbdelAziz Sayed; Ahmed Mohamed Salem; AlShaimaa Mohamed Taha

Evaluation of kinetic stability and anti-staphylococcal activity of recombinant LasA protein produced in Escherichia coli

Pages 851-855

Behnaz Rahmani; Akram Astani; Hossein Zarei Jaliani; Mohammad Hassan Kheirandish; Ahmad Mosadegh