Volume & Issue: Volume 25, Issue 10, October 2022, Pages 1166-1274 

Review Article

A review of therapeutic potentials of milk thistle (Silybum marianum L.) and its main constituent, silymarin, on cancer, and their related patents

Pages 1166-1176

Emadi Emadi; Mahboobeh Ghasemzadeh Rahbardar; Soghra Mehri; Hossein Hosseinzadeh

Original Article

Does insular cortex lesion cause tinnitus in rats?

Pages 1177-1182

Minoo Karimi; Saeid Farahani; Farinaz Nasirinezhad; Shohreh Jalaei; Helnaz Mokrian; Ali Shahbazi

Ameliorating effects of ramelteon on oxidative stress, inflammation, apoptosis, and autophagy markers in methotrexate-induced cerebral toxicity

Pages 1183-1189

Rahime Aslankoc; Mehtap Savran; Duygu Kumbul Doğuç; Murat Sevimli; Hale Tekin; Mine Kaynak

Impact of caffeic acid on the testicular damages in D-galactose induced aging model in mice

Pages 1190-1195

Fatemeh Khoshdel; Mohammad Ghasem Golmohammadi; Mohammad Jannatdoust; Nowruz Najafzadeh; Ramin Salimnejad

Crim1 inhibits angiotensin II-induced hypertrophy and preserves Kv4.2 expression in cardiomyocytes

Pages 1201-1206

Jionghong He; Guiling Xia; long yang; Zhi Jiang; Ying Yang; Zhaomei Huo; Chuxian Guo

Identification of two neutralizing human single-chain variable fragment antibodies targeting Staphylococcus aureus alpha-hemolysin

Pages 1207-1214

Somayeh Piri-Gavgani; Mostafa Ghanei; Abolfazl Fateh; Seyed Davar Siadat; Leila Nematollahi; Fatemeh Rahimi-Jamnani

Treadmill training attenuates pyroptosis in rats with cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury

Pages 1215-1221

Fang Luo; Mingjin Zhu; Kunkun Lv; Di Sun; Guifen Yang; Guoyuan Pan

Protective effects of equol on the cartilage and subchondral bone in ovariectomized rats with osteoarthritis

Pages 1228-1233

Shao-Hua Ping; Fa-Ming Tian; Ze-Ming Zhao; Chun-Yu Liang; Fang Liu; Yu-Dan Wang; Liu Zhang

Conjugated PNC-27 peptide/PEI-Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) as a double targeting agent for early cancer diagnosis: In vitro study

Pages 1234-1242

Reihaneh Rahmani; Majid Darroudi; Mohsen Gharanfoli; Jamshidkhan Chamani; Mehran Gholamin; Maryam Hashemi

MiR-574-5p promotes cell proliferation by negatively regulating small C-terminal domain phosphatase 1 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma

Pages 1243-1250

Chunming Zhao; Jialin Liu; Yong Xu; Jiamei Guo; Liping Wang; Linfen Chen; Lina Xu; Guokai Dong; Wei Zheng; Zhouru Li; Hongxing Cai; Shanshan Li

Neuroprotective effects of celastrol on sciatic nerve transection model in male Wistar rats

Pages 1251-1259

Haider Faleh Al-Saedi; Hussein A. Ghanimi; Seyedeh Mahdieh Khoshnazar; Mohammad B. Ghayour; Arash Abdolmaleki

Inhibition of FABP4 attenuates cardiac fibrosis through inhibition of NLRP3 inflammasome activation

Pages 1260-1266

Xi Zhu; Xiaogang Zhang; Xinpeng Cong; Luoning Zhu; Zhongping Ning

Effects of crocin on T-bet/GATA-3 ratio, and miR-146a and miR-106a expression levels in lung tissue of ovalbumin-sensitized mice

Pages 1267-1274

Mohammad Reza Aslani; Zahra Jafari; Reza Rahbarghazi; jafar Rezaie; Aref Delkhosh; Mahdi Ahmadi