Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 1-107 


Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences: 2014 in Profile

Pages 1-1

Bizhan Malaekeh-Nikouei; Ali Roohbakhsh

Review Article

Helicobacter pylori in Iran: A systematic review on the antibiotic resistance

Pages 2-7

Farzad Khademi; Farkhondeh Poursina; Elham Hosseini; Mojtaba Akbari; Hajieh Ghasemian Safaei

Original Article

Apoptotic and proliferative activity of mouse gastric mucosa following oral administration of fumonisin B1

Pages 8-13

Ali Mohammad Alizadeh; Fahimeh Mohammadghasemi; Kazem Zendehdel; Zahra Kamyabi-moghaddam; Abbas Tavassoli; Fatemeh Amini najafi; Alireza Khosravi

Role of morphine preconditioning and nitric oxide following brain ischemia reperfusion injury in mice

Pages 14-21

Maedeh Arabian; Nahid Aboutaleb; Mansoureh Soleimani; Fatemeh Zare Mehrjerdi; Marjan Ajami; Hamidreza Pazoki-Toroudi

Human Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells express oocyte developmental genes during co-culture with placental cells

Pages 22-29

Hamid Reza Asgari; Mohammad Akbari; Mehdi Abbasi; Jafar Ai; Morteza Korouji; Fereshte Aliakbari; Kehinde Adebayo Babatunde; Fereydoon Sargolzaei Aval; Mohammad Taghi Joghataei

Ellagic acid improves hyperalgesia and cognitive deficiency in 6-hydroxidopamine induced rat model of Parkinson’s disease

Pages 38-46

Mojtaba Dolatshahi; Yaghoob Farbood; Alireza Sarkaki; Seyed Mohammad Taqhi Mansouri; Ali Khodadadi

MEFV mutations in Northwest of Iran: a cross sectional study

Pages 53-57

Morteza Jabbarpour Bonyadi; Sousan Mir Najd Gerami; Mohammad Hossein Somi; Saeed Dastgiri

Experimental therapeutic studies of Solanum aculeastrum Dunal. on Leishmania major infection in BALB/c mice

Pages 64-71

Linet T Laban; Christopher O Anjili; Joshua M Mutiso; Johnstone Ingonga; Samuel G Kiige; Mgala M Ngedzo; Michael M Gicheru

Microinjection of calcitonin in midbrain periaqueductal gray attenuates hyperalgesia in a chronic constriction injury rat model

Pages 72-79

Zongpeng Li; Zong Gao; Shufa Li; Yuanyuan Zhang; Lizhi Xing; Lanju Zhang; Guijie Ma; Xinbo Zhao; Mingtao Shao

Liver ischemia preconditions the heart against ischemia-reperfusion arrhythmias

Pages 80-88

Mohammad-Foad Noorbakhsh; Hossein-Ali Arab; Hamid-Reza Kazerani

In vitro differentiation of rat mesenchymal stem cells to hepatocyte lineage

Pages 89-97

Samaneh Solati Sarvandi; Mohammad Taghi Joghataei; Kazem Parivar; Maryam Khosravi; Arash Sarveazad; Nima Sanadgol

Expression of melanocortin-4 receptor and agouti-related peptide mRNAs in arcuate nucleus during long term malnutrition of female ovariectomized rats

Pages 104-107

Fatemeh Sabet Sarvestani; Amin Tamadon; Aida Hematzadeh; Maliheh Jahanara; Mohammad Reza Jafarzadeh Shirazi; Ali Moghadam; Ali Niazi; Reza Moghiminasr


Time course changes of oxidative stress and inflammation in hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury in rats

Pages 98-103

Shouli Yu; Min Shi; Qinghui Liu; Changting Liu; Jun Guo; Senyang Yu; Tingshu Jiang