Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 11, November 2015, Pages 1050-1152 
Effect of exogenous leptin on serum levels of lipids, glucose, renal and hepatic variables in both genders of obese and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

Pages 1072-1078

Parichehr Hayatdavoudi; Mohsen Ghasemi; Bamdad Zendehbad; Mohammad Soukhtanloo; Alireza Golshan; Mousa Al-Reza Hadjzadeh

Is adalimumab protective in ischemia-reperfusion injury in lung?

Pages 1093-1099

Aysel Kurt; Levent Tumkaya; Yildiray Kalkan; Hasan Turut; Medine Cumhur Cure; Erkan Cure; Ibrahim Sehitoglu; Hacer Bilgin; Mustafa Usta

Influence of vitamin D on cell cycle, apoptosis, and some apoptosis related molecules in systemic lupus erythematosus

Pages 1107-1111

Nafise Tabasi; Maryam Rastin; Mahmoud Mahmoudi; Mohsen Ghoryani; Zahra Mirfeizi; Shahrzad Zamani Taghizadeh Rabe; Hadi Reihani

Comparison of the effects of resveratrol and caloric restriction on learning and memory in juvenile C57BL/6J mice

Pages 1118-1123

Bao-Lei Xu; Rong Wang; Li-Na Ma; Wen Dong; Zhi-Wei Zhao; Jing-Shuang Zhang; Yu-Lan Wang; Xu Zhang

Rs401681 polymorphism in TERT-CLPTM1L was associated with bladder cancer risk: A meta-analysis

Pages 1130-1136

Meng Zhang; Xun Wu; Wei Lu; Yukun Ge; Xiang Wang; Zhiming Cai; Song Wu

Dietary saffron reduced the blood pressure and prevented remodeling of the aorta in L-NAME-induced hypertensive rats

Pages 1143-1146

Zohreh Nasiri; Hamid Reza Sameni; Abedin Vakili; Morteza Jarrahi; Mahdi Zahedi Khorasani