Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 1-61 

Original Article

The Inhibitory Effect of Some Iranian Plants Extracts on the Alpha Glucosidase

Pages 1-9

Ahmad Gholamhoseinian; Hossein Fallah; Fariba Sharifi-far; Mansour Mirtajaddini

Induction of Chondrogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stem Cells with TGF-β3 in Pellet Culture System

Pages 10-17

Batool Hashemibeni; Shahnaz Razavi; Ebrahim Esfandiary; Saeed Karbasi; Mohammad Mardani; Mohsen Nasresfahani

Light Requirement for the Carotenoids Production by Mucor hiemalis

Pages 25-32

Anita Khanafari; Khatereh Tayari; Masoud Emami

Modified Polyethylenimine: Self Assemble Nanoparticle Forming Polymer for pDNA Delivery

Pages 33-40

Reza K. Oskuee; Ali Dehshahri; Wayne. T. Shier; Mohammad Ramezani

Effect of Meal Frequency on Human Serum Complements C3 and C4

Pages 49-54

Mohammad-Reza Rashidi; Badrossadat Rahnama

Optimization of Anti-Rh D Immunoglobulin Stability in the Lyophilization Processes

Pages 55-61

Abdol-Reza Varasteh; Maryam Hashemi; Narjess Baranzadeh; Mahmoud-Reza Jaafari