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The Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (IJBMS) is a peer-reviewed, monthly publication by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran. The Journal of "IJBMS” is a modern forum for scientific communication. Data and information, useful to investigators in any discipline in basic medical sciences mainly including Anatomical Sciences, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physiology, will be published after they have been peer reviewed. This will also include reviews and multidisciplinary research. 
Current Issue: Volume 23, Issue 11, November 2020, Pages 1367-1498 

Review Article

1. The therapeutic approaches of renal recovery after relief of the unilateral ureteral obstruction: A comprehensive review

Pages 1367-1373

Ayat Kaeidi; Maryam Maleki; Ali Shamsizadeh; Iman Fatemi; Elham Hakimizadeh; Jalal Hassanshahi

2. Effect of Boswellia species on the metabolic syndrome: A review

Pages 1374-1381

Davoud Mahdian; Kazem Abbaszadeh-Goudarzi; Amir Raoofi; Ghazaleh Dadashizadeh; Mina Abroudi; Elahe Zarepour; Hossein Hosseinzadeh

Original Article

3. The investigation of the effect of fraxin on hepatotoxicity induced by cisplatin in rats

Pages 1382-1387

Fazile Nur Ekinci Akdemir; Cigdem Bingol; Serkan Yildirim; Fatih Kandemir; Sefa Kucukler; Yavuz Saglam

4. Synthesis and biological evaluation of oxazinonaphthalene-3-one derivatives as potential anticancer agents and tubulin inhibitors

Pages 1388-1395

Salimeh Mirzaei; Maqsudjon Qayumov; Fahimeh Ganji; Javad Behravan; Razieh Ghodsi

5. Survey of various carbapenem-resistant mechanisms of Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from clinical samples in Iran

Pages 1396-1400

Leila Azimi; Fatemeh Fallah; Abdollah Karimi; Mehdi Shirdoust; Taher Azimi; Iraj Sedighi Sedighi; Mohammad Rahbar; Shahnaz Armin

7. In silico analysis and expression of a new chimeric antigen as a vaccine candidate against cutaneous leishmaniasis

Pages 1409-1418

Leila Motamedpour; Abdolhossein Dalimi; Majid Pirestani; Fatemeh Ghafarifar

8. MicroRNA-155 from sputum as noninvasive biomarker for diagnosis of active pulmonary tuberculosis

Pages 1419-1425

Ying Hua; FengYing Sun; YanHong Wu; YouMing Huang; FaYou Zhou; HongXiang Zhang; XiaoLei Tang

10. In vivo therapeutic effects of colorectal cancer cell-derived exosomes

Pages 1439-1444

Ali Ganji; Iman Farahani; Mana Shojapuor; Ali Ghazavi; Ghasem Mosayebi

11. Corallodiscus flabellata B. L. Burtt extract alleviates lipopolysaccharide/D-galactosamine-induced acute liver failure and brain injury by inhibiting oxidative stress, apoptosis, and inflammation

Pages 1445-1452

Benke Li; Mengnan Zeng; Beibei Zhang; Yuxuan Kan; Shengchao Wang; Yangyang Wang; Yuanyuan Wu; Ruiqi Xu; Weisheng Feng; Xiaoke Zheng

12. Human amniotic membrane mesenchymal stem cells-conditioned medium attenuates myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by targeting oxidative stress

Pages 1453-1461

Behnaz Mokhtari; Yaser Azizi; Aliakbar Rostami Abookheili; Nahid Aboutaleb; Donya Nazarinia; Nasim Naderi

14. Evaluation of antibacterial activity of enterocin A-colicin E1 fusion peptide

Pages 1471-1479

Hadis Fathizadeh; Mahmood Saffari; Davoud Esmaeili; Rezvan Moniri; Morteza Salimian

15. Effects of berberine hydrochloride on methamphetamine-induced anxiety behaviors and relapse in rats

Pages 1480-1488

Leila Rezaeian; Hamid Kalalian Moghadam; Fahimeh Mohseni; Mehdi Khaksari; Raheleh Rafaiee

Short Communication

17. An effective weapon against biofilm consortia and small colony variants of MRSA

Pages 1494-1498

Zulfiqar Mirani; Shaista Urooj; Muhammad Khan; Abdul Khan; Izhar Shaikh; Anila Siddiqui