Author = Amir Hooshang Mohammadpour
Number of Articles: 2
1. Teratogenic Effects of Pregabalin in Mice

Volume 16, Issue 10, October 2013, Pages 1065-1070

Leila Etemad; Afshar Mohammad; Amir Hooshang Mohammadpour; Nasser Vahdati Mashhadi; Seyed Adel Moallem

2. Development and Validation of HPLC Method for Determination of Crocetin, a constituent of Saffron, in Human Serum Samples

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 47-56

Amir Hooshang Mohammadpour; Mohammad Ramezani; Nasim Tavakoli Anaraki; Bizhan Malaekeh-Nikouei; Sara Amel Farzad2; Hossein Hosseinzadeh