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Iranian Journal of
Basic Medical Sciences
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The Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences (IJBMS) is a peer-reviewed, monthly publication by Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran. The Journal of "IJBMS” is a modern forum for scientific communication. Data and information, useful to investigators in any discipline in basic medical sciences mainly including Anatomical Sciences, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Physiology, will be published after they have been peer reviewed. This will also include reviews and multidisciplinary research. 
Current Issue: Volume 24, Issue 5, May 2021, Pages 551-698 

Review Article

1. Biomedical features of flaxseed against different pathologic situations: A narrative review

Pages 551-560

Babak Ebrahimi; Zohreh Nazmara; Negar Hassanzadeh; Atousa Yarahmadi; Neda Ghaffari; Fatemeh Hassani; Amirreza Liaghat; Leila Noori; Gholamreza Hasanzadeh

2. Mesenchymal stem cells as professional actors in gastrointestinal cancer therapy: From Naïve to genetically modified

Pages 561-576

Mehrdad Nasrollahzadeh Sabet; Masood Movahedi asl; Mahtab Kazemi Esfeh; Navid Nasrabadi; Maryam Shakarami; Behrang Alani; Asma Alimolaie; Sara Azhdari; Ebrahim Cheraghi

Original Article

3. Dopaminergic agonist pramipexole improves memory and increases IL-10 production in LPS-challenged rats

Pages 577-585

Anita Mihaylova; Nina Doncheva; Hristina Zlatanova; Delian Delev; Mariya Ivanovska; Yvetta Koeva; Marianna Murdjeva; Ilia Kostadinov

5. Flower extract of Caragana sinica. ameliorates Dss-induced ulcerative colitis by affecting TLR4/NF-κB and TLR4/MAPK signaling pathway in a mouse model

Pages 595-603

Ting Li; Qiu-ping Zou; Feng Huang; Gui-guang Cheng; Ze-wei Mao; Ting Wang; Fa-wu Dong; Bao-jing Li; Hong-ping He; Yan-ping Li

9. Quercetin protects islet β‑cells from oxidation-induced apoptosis via Sirt3 in T2DM

Pages 629-635

Jian-Yun Wang; Ya-Xing Nie; Bing-Zheng Dong; Zhi-Chen Cai; Xuan-Kai Zeng; Lei Du; Xia Zhu; Xiao-Xing Yin

10. Diabetes mellitus can cause cardiomyopathy disorders by inducing the aging pathway

Pages 636-640

Mahdi Ahmadi; Shirin Saberianpour; Morteza Heidarzadeh; Jafar Rezaie

17. Detection of csgA gene in carbapenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii strains and targeting with Ocimum sanctum biocompounds

Pages 690-698

Saishree Anchana R; Smiline Girija A.S; Shoba Gunasekaran; Vijayashree Priyadharsini J

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