Author = Luz Alicia González-Hernández
Number of Articles: 1
1. Microbiome alterations are related to an imbalance of immune response and bacterial translocation in BDL-rats

Volume 23, Issue 2, February 2020, Pages 178-185

Natali Vega-Magaña; Antonio Galiana; Luis Felipe Felipe Jave-Suárez; Leonel Garcia-Benavides; Susana Del Toro-Arreola; Jaime Federico Andrade-Villanueva; Luz Alicia González-Hernández; Rosa Cremades; Adriana Aguilar-Lemarroy; María Guadalupe Flores-Miramontes; Jesse Haramati; Jesus Meza-Arroyo; Miriam Ruth Bueno-Topete