Author = Mohammad Ramezani
Umbelliprenin induced both anti-inflammatory and regulatory cytokines in C57/BL6 mice

Volume 20, Issue 7, July 2017, Pages 829-834


Narges Khaghanzadeh; Afshin Samiei; Zahra Mojtahedi; Mohammad Ramezani; Massood Hosseinzadeh; Abbas Ghaderi

Alkyl cross-linked low molecular weight polypropyleneimine dendrimers as efficient gene delivery vectors

Volume 19, Issue 10, October 2016, Pages 1096-1104


Faezeh Moghadam Ariaee; Maryam Hashemi; Sara Amel Farzad; Khalil Abnous; Mohammad Ramezani

Screening and identification of SUMP-proteins in sub-acute treatment with diazinon

Volume 18, Issue 12, December 2015, Pages 1240-1244


Rezvan Yazdian-Robati; Atena Pourtaji; Marzieh Rashedinia; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Maryam Ghorbani; BiBi Marjan Razavi; Mohammad Ramezani; Khalil Abnous

The Effect of Linear PEI on Characteristics and Transfection Efficiency of PEI-Based Cationic Nanoliposomes

Volume 14, Issue 1, January 2011, Pages 82-88


Mohammad Ramezani; Bizhan Malaekeh-Nikouei; Tahreh Khakshoor; Mohammad Malaekeh-Nikouei

Inhibition of Helicobacter pylori Growth in vitro by Saffron (Crocus sativus L.)

Volume 11, Issue 2, April 2008, Pages 91-96


Mahboobeh Nakhaei; Mehrangiz Khaje-Karamoddin; Mohammad Ramezani

Modified Polyethylenimine: Self Assemble Nanoparticle Forming Polymer for pDNA Delivery

Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2008, Pages 33-40


Reza K. Oskuee; Ali Dehshahri; Wayne. T. Shier; Mohammad Ramezani