Author = Hossein Hosseinzadeh
Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation of Sun Protective and Moisturizing Effects of Nanoliposomes Containing Safranal

Volume 14, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages 521-533

Shiva Golmohammadzadeh; Fatemeh Imani; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Mahmoud Reza Jaafari

Synthesis of Novel 4-[1-(4-fluorobenzyl)-5-imidazolyl] Dihydropyridines and Studying their Effects on Rat Blood Pressure

Volume 14, Issue 5, September 2011, Pages 451-457

Seyed Ahmad Mohajeri; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Sara Salami; Vahidehsadat Motamedshariaty; Mahmoud Seifi; Farzin Hadizadeh

Antinociceptive Effect of Elaeagnus angustifolia Fruits on Sciatic Nerve Ligated Mice

Volume 13, Issue 3, July 2010, Pages 97-101

Gholamreza Karimi; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Mitra Rassoulzadeh; Bibi Marjan Razavi; Elahe Taghiabadi

Review of the Pharmacological and Toxicological Effects of Salvia leriifolia

Volume 12, Issue 1, January 2009, Pages 1-8

Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Hamid Reza Sadeghnia; Mohsen Imenshahidi; Bibi Sedigheh Fazly Bazzaz

Evaluation of Antidepressant Effects of Aerial Parts of Echium vulgare on Mice

Volume 10, Issue 3, July 2007, Pages 189-196

Seyed Adel Moallem; Hossein Hosseinzadeh; Fatemeh Ghoncheh