Keywords = Learning and memory
Number of Articles: 4
1. Probiotic supplementation improves the cognitive function and the anxiety-like behaviors in the stressed rats

Volume 22, Issue 5, May 2019, Pages 506-514

Mahsa Hadizadeh; Gholamali Hamidi; Mahmoud salamim

2. The effects of gestational and lactational exposure to Nonylphenol on c-jun, and c-fos expression and learning and memory in hippocampus of male F1 rat

Volume 20, Issue 4, April 2017, Pages 386-391

Yu Jie; Wang Pan; Yan Wenxia; Gao Feng; He Liting; Li Wenmei; Xu Jie

3. Gender difference in motor impairments induced by chronic administration of vinblastine

Volume 17, Issue 6, June 2014, Pages 433-440

Shahrnaz Parsania; Mohammad Shabani; Kasra Moazzami; Moazamehosadat Razavinasab; Mohammad Hassan Larizadeh; Masoud Nazeri; Majid Asadi-Shekaari; Moein Kermani

4. Crocin Improved Learning and Memory Impairments in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

Volume 16, Issue 1, January 2013, Pages 91-100

Esmaeal Tamaddonfard; Amir Abbas Farshid; Siamak Asri-Rezaee; Shahram Javadi; Voria Khosravi; Bentolhoda Rahman; Zahra Mirfakhraee