Keywords = Prostate cancer
MiR-145 inhibits cell migration and increases paclitaxel chemosensitivity in prostate cancer cells

Volume 26, Issue 11, November 2023, Pages 1350-1359


Maryam Tohidast; Neda Memari; Mohammad Amini; Seyed Samad Hosseini; Asiyeh Jebelli; Mohammad Amin Doustvandi; Behzad Baradaran; Ahad Mokhtarzadeh

The effects of specific expression of apoptin under the control of PSES and PSA promoter on cell death and apoptosis of LNCaP cells

Volume 20, Issue 12, December 2017, Pages 1354-1359


Vida Mohammadi; Abbas Behzad Behbahani; Gholam Reza Rafiee; Seyed Younes Hosseini; Marzieh Alizadeh Zarei; Mohammad Ali Okhovat; Mohammad Ali Takhshid