Keywords = Atrial fibrillation
Irisin attenuates angiotensin II-induced atrial fibrillation and atrial fibrosis via LOXL2 and TGFβ1/Smad2/3 signaling pathways

Volume 26, Issue 6, June 2023, Pages 717-724


Yingbiao Wu; Jun Luo; Xiang Song; Wei Gu; Saihua Wang; Shuwen Hao; Zhiwu Dong; Zhongping Ning

ANGPTL4 suppresses the profibrogenic functions of atrial fibroblasts induced by angiotensin II by up-regulating PPARγ

Volume 26, Issue 5, May 2023, Pages 587-593


Xi Zhu; Xiaogang Zhang; Wei Gu; Hanjun Zhao; Shuwen Hao; Zhongping Ning

LOXL2 silencing suppresses angiotensin II-induced cardiac hypertrophy through the EMT process and TGF-β1/Smad3/NF-κB pathway

Volume 25, Issue 8, August 2022, Pages 964-969


Jun Luo; Yingbiao Wu; Xi Zhu; Saihua Wang; Xiaogang Zhang; Zhongping Ning