Author = Maryam Akaberi
Pomegranate: A review of the heavenly healer’s past, present, and future

Volume 26, Issue 11, November 2023, Pages 1245-1264


Mehran Mohammadi; Zahra Boghrati; Seyed Ahmad Emami; Maryam Akaberi

Hypericum perforatum: Traditional uses, clinical trials, and drug interactions

Volume 25, Issue 9, September 2022, Pages 1045-1058


Seyedeh Zahra Nobakht; Maryam Akaberi; Amirhooshang Mohammadpour; Ali Tafazoli Moghadam; Ahmad Emami

A glance at black cumin(Nigella sativa) and its active constituent, thymoquinone, in ischemia: a review

Volume 21, Issue 12, December 2018, Pages 1200-1209


Zahra Oskouei; Maryam Akaberi; Hossein Hosseinzadeh