Breviscapine prevents downregulation of renal water and sodium transport proteins in response to unilateral ureteral obstruction

Document Type : Short Communication


1 Department of Intensive Care Unit, The First Affiliate Hospital of Wenzhou Medicine University, China

2 Department of Transplantation Center, the First Affiliate Hospital of Wenzhou Medicine University, China

3 Key Laboratory of Surgery, Department of Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medicine University, China


Objective(s):Our recent report indicates that breviscapine play a protective role of the kidney by down-regulating transforming growth factor-β1(TGF-β1), α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA) and alleviating interstitial fibrosis following unilateral ureteral obstruction (UUO). In this study, we investigate the effect of breviscapine on changes of renal water and sodium transport proteins in response to UUO.
Materials and Methods: Male Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into 3 groups, sham group, UUO group and UUO treat with breviscapine. After 4, 7 and 14 days, histologic changes and interstitial collagen were determined microscopically following hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) and Masson's trichrome staining. The expression of Aquaporins (AQP-2) and γ-epithelial sodium channel (γ-ENaC) were investigated using immunohistochemistry and Western blot in each group.
Results:Breviscapine treatment decrease the tubular injury index and the degree of interstitial collagen deposition significantly compared with the UUO group (P<0.05). Breviscapine treatment also significantly reduced downregulation of AQP2 and γ-ENaC compared to those subjected to the same time course of obstruction in UUO group (P<0.05). 
Conclusion:These results demonstrate that breviscapine could prevent downregulation of renal water and sodium transport proteins in response to UUO so as to protect obstructed kidney.


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