Keywords = Alzheimer’s disease
Number of Articles: 4
1. Favorable effects of dill tablets and Ocimum basilicum L. extract on learning, memory, and hippocampal fatty acid composition in hypercholesterolemic rats

Volume 24, Issue 3, March 2021, Pages 300-311

Neda Heshami; Soheila Mohammadali; Alireza Komaki; Heidar Tayebinia; Jamshid Karimi; Ebrahim Abbasi Oshaghi; Mohammad Hashemnia; Iraj Khodadadi

2. Alzheimer’s disease treatment: The share of herbal medicines

Volume 24, Issue 2, February 2021, Pages 123-135

Masoud Soheili; Mohammad Karimian; Gholamali Hamidi; Mahmoud Salami

3. Diet therapy for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease in view of traditional Persian medicine: A review

Volume 22, Issue 10, October 2019, Pages 1102-1117

Milad Iranshahi; Behjat Javadi