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Isoflavone daidzein ameliorates renal dysfunction and fibrosis in a postmenopausal rat model: Intermediation of angiotensin AT1 and Mas receptors and microRNAs 33a and 27a

Volume 25, Issue 11, November 2022, Pages 1317-1325


Majid Askaripour; Hamid Najafipour; Shadan Saberi; Saleh Yazdani; Saeideh Jafarinejad-Farsangi; Soodeh Rajabi; Elham Jafari; Paul Proost; Sofie Struyf; Fariba Poosti

Protective effects of Vitex agnus-castus in ovariectomy mice following permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion

Volume 22, Issue 9, September 2019, Pages 1097-1101


Raheleh Alimohamadi; Iman Fatemi; Soudabeh Naderi; Elham Hakimizadeh; Mohammad-Reza Rahmani; Mohammad Allahtavakoli

Genistein preserves the lungs of ovariectomized diabetic rats: addition to apoptotic and inflammatory markers in the lung

Volume 20, Issue 12, December 2017, Pages 1312-1317


Faeze Daghigh; Alireza Alihemmati; Pouran Karimi; Parisa Habibi; Naser Ahmadiasl

Therapeutic potential of genistein in ovariectomy-induced pancreatic injury in diabetic rats: The regulation of MAPK pathway and apoptosis

Volume 20, Issue 9, September 2017, Pages 1009-1015


Hadi Yousefi; Pouran Karimi; Alireza Alihemmati; Mohmmad Reza Alipour; Parisa Habibi; Nasser Ahmadiasl

Estrogen agonist genistein differentially influences the cognitive and motor disorders in an ovariectomized animal model of Parkinsonism

Volume 19, Issue 12, December 2016, Pages 1285-1291


Elaheh Arbabi; Gholamali Hamidi; Sayyed Alireza Talaei; Mahmoud Salami

Expression of the Mir-133 and Bcl-2 could be affected by swimming training in the heart of ovariectomized rats

Volume 19, Issue 4, April 2016, Pages 381-387


Parisa Habibi; Alireza Alihemmati; Alireza NourAzar; Hadi Yousefi; Safieh Mortazavi; Nasser Ahmadiasl

Effect of whole body vibration therapy on circulating serotonin levels in an ovariectomized rat model of osteoporosis

Volume 17, Issue 1, January 2014, Pages 62-68


Li Huang; Xian Hong Chen; Hai-Bin Wang; Wei-Shan Sun; Shao Chuan Huo.; Zi Qi Li; Wei-Min Deng