Main Subjects = Physiology
The role of nitric oxide in the protective action of remote ischemic per-conditioning against ischemia/reperfusion-induced acute renal failure in rat

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 600-606


Firouzeh Gholampour; Leila Khangah; Jafar Vatanparast; Hamid Reza Karbalaei-Heidari; Seyed Molammad Owji; Aminollah Bahaoddini

Does inhibition of angiotensin function cause neuroprotection in diffuse traumatic brain injury?

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 615-620


Mohammad Khaksari; Mohammad Amin Rajizadeh; Mohammad Abbas Bejeshk; Zahra Soltani; Sina Motamedi; Fatemeh Moramdi; Masoud Islami; Shahriyar Shafa; Sepehr Khosravi

Radiosensitizing effects of Sestrin2 in PC3 prostate cancer cells

Volume 21, Issue 6, June 2018, Pages 621-624


Hao Fu; Wenke Song; Yufei Wang; Wenyi Deng; Tingting Tang; Wenjing Fan; Shunlin Qu

Deep brain stimulation in a rat model of post-traumatic stress disorder modifies forebrain neuronal activity and serum corticosterone

Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2018, Pages 370-375


Mina Mokhtari hashtjini; Gila Pirzad Jahromi; Seyed Shahabeddin sadr; Gholam Hossein Meftahi; Boshra Hatef; Danial Javidnazar

Evaluation of nicotinic receptor of pedunculopontine tegmental nucleus in central cardiovascular regulation in anesthetized rat

Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2018, Pages 376-381


Tahereh Nikyar; Mahmoud Hosseini; Saeed Niazmand; Mohammad Naser Shafei

Role of melatonin receptors in the effect of estrogen on brain edema, intracranial pressure and expression of aquaporin 4 after traumatic brain injury

Volume 21, Issue 3, March 2018, Pages 301-308


Nader Shahrokhi; Mohammad khaksari; Gholamreza Asadikaram; Zahra soltani; Nava Shahrokhi

Neuroprotective effect of berberine chloride on cognitive impairment and hippocampal damage in experimental model of vascular dementia

Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 53-58


Mahila Lotfi Aski; Mohammad Ebrahim Rezvani; Mehdi Khaksari; Zeynab Hafizi; Zeynab Pirmoradi; Somayeh Niknazar; Fatemeh Zare Mehrjerdi