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p-Coumaric acid has pure anti-inflammatory characteristics against hepatopathy caused by ischemia-reperfusion in the liver and dust exposure

Volume 26, Issue 2, February 2023, Pages 164-175

Mojtaba Moradi; Yaghoob Farbood; Seyyed Ali Mard; Mahin Dianat; Gholamreza Goudarzi; Layasadat Khorsandi; Seyed Saeed Seyedian

Genome-wide DNA methylation dynamics in carbon tetrachloride-induced mice liver fibrosis

Volume 26, Issue 1, January 2023, Pages 85-92

Deming Li; Xiaoshu Guo; Wenyu Zhao; Jingyu Chen; Cong Xia; Guoying Yu

Effect of alpha-mangostin on olanzapine-induced metabolic disorders in rats

Volume 25, Issue 2, February 2022, Pages 198-207

Alireza Ardakanian; Mahboobeh Ghasemzadeh Rahbardar; Farzaneh Omidkhoda; Bibi Marjan Razavi; Hossein Hosseinzadeh

The protective effect of glycyrrhizin on hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats and possible related signal pathway

Volume 23, Issue 9, September 2020, Pages 1232-1238

Xiaoni Kou; Jiang Zhu; Xinke Xie; Mingxia Hao; Yingren Zhao

Protective effects of 2-methoxycinnamaldehyde an active ingredients of Cinnamomum cassia on warm hepatic ischemia reperfusion injury in rat model

Volume 22, Issue 12, December 2019, Pages 1400-1407

Hannaneh Golshahi; Atefeh Araghi; Farshad Baghban; Saeed Farzad-Mohajeri

Morphine and kisspeptin influences on 5-α reductase and aromatase gene expression in adult male rats

Volume 22, Issue 12, December 2019, Pages 1462-1467

Homayoun Khazali; Fariba Mahmoudi

Potential therapeutic effect of Moroccan propolis in hyperglycemia, dyslipidemia, and hepatorenal dysfunction in diabetic rats

Volume 22, Issue 11, November 2019, Pages 1331-1339

Nawal El Menyiy; Noori Al-Waili; Asmae El Ghouizi; Soukaina El-Guendouz; Khelod Salom; Badiaa Lyoussi

Effects of quercetin on bisphenol A-induced mitochondrial toxicity in rat liver

Volume 22, Issue 5, May 2019, Pages 499-505

Masoud Mahdavinia; Said Alizadeh; atefeh Raesi Vanani; Mohammad Amin Dehghani; maryam shirani; Meysam Alipour; Hedayat Allah Shahmohammadi; Sirous Rafiei Asl

Biological alterations in renal and hepatic tissues by a novel gold (III) anti-cancerous compound

Volume 21, Issue 10, October 2018, Pages 1064-1072

Ayesha Ahmed; Abdulaziz M Mansour Alkhawajah; Dalal M Al-Tamimi; Muhammad A Shwarby; Anvarhusein A Isab; Ahmed Badar

Insulin glargine affects the expression of Igf-1r, Insr, and Igf-1 genes in colon and liver of diabetic rats

Volume 21, Issue 5, May 2018, Pages 489-494

Clara I Juárez-Vázquez; Carmen M Gurrola-Díaz; Belinda Vargas-Guerrero; José A Domínguez-Rosales; Jessica Fabiola Rodriguez-Ortiz; Patricio Barros-Núñez; Silvia E Flores-Martínez; José Sánchez-Corona; Mónica A Rosales-Reynoso

Trans-chalcone enhances insulin sensitivity through the miR-34a/SIRT1 pathway

Volume 21, Issue 4, April 2018, Pages 359-363

Elham Karimi Sales; Sajad Jeddi; Abbas Ebrahimi-Kalan; Mohammad Reza Alipour

Intrauterine xenotransplantation of human Wharton jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells into the liver of rabbit fetuses: A preliminary study for in vivo expression of the human liver genes

Volume 21, Issue 1, January 2018, Pages 89-96

Leila Rezaeian; Seyed Ebrahim Hosseini; Mehdi Dianatpur; Mohammad Amin Edalatmanesh; Nader Tanideh; Asghar Mogheiseh; Amin Tamadon

Renoprotective effect of crocin following liver ischemia/ reperfusion injury in Wistar rats

Volume 20, Issue 10, October 2017, Pages 1172-1177

Seyyed Ali Mard; Ghaidafeh Akbari; Esrafil Mansouri; Mahdi Parsanahad

Development of 153Sm-DTPA-SPION as a theranostic dual contrast agents in SPECT/MRI

Volume 19, Issue 10, October 2016, Pages 1056-1062

Amir Gholami; Seyyed Hossein Mousavie Anijdan

Liver ischemia preconditions the heart against ischemia-reperfusion arrhythmias

Volume 18, Issue 1, January 2015, Pages 80-88

Mohammad-Foad Noorbakhsh; Hossein-Ali Arab; Hamid-Reza Kazerani

Liver Oxidative Stress after Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury is Leukocyte Dependent in Inbred Mice

Volume 14, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages 534-539

Hossein Khastar; Mehri Kadkhodaee; Hamid reza Sadeghipour; Behjat Seifi; Jamshid Hadjati; Atefeh Najafi; Manoocher Soleimani

“Silymarin”, a Promising Pharmacological Agent for Treatment of Diseases

Volume 14, Issue 4, July 2011, Pages 308-317

Gholamreza Karimi; Maryam Vahabzadeh; Parisa Lari; Marziyeh Rashedinia; Mohammad Moshiri

Isolation and Phenotyping of Normal Mouse Liver Dendritic Cells by an Improved Method

Volume 14, Issue 4, July 2011, Pages 354-360

Ghasem Mosayebi; Sayyed Mohammad Moazzeni

High Frequency Electromagnetic Field Induces Lipocalin 2 Expression in Mouse Liver

Volume 13, Issue 3, July 2010, Pages 139-145

Amaneh Mohammadi Roushandeh; Raheleh Halabian; Jafar Soleimani Rad; Behnaz Sadeghzadeh Oskouei; Ahmad Mehdipour; Mohammad Reza Nourani; Mehryar Habibi Roudkenar

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Effects of Quinazolinones on Internal Organs of Newborn Balb/C Mice

Volume 12, Issue 2, April 2009, Pages 112-120

Maryam Shams Lahijani; Hoda Rajabi; Samar Etemad; Mahla Fadavi Eslam